About Me

Hi y'all—thanks for stopping by! 

I'm Olivia, and I'm a performer and writer born and raised in New Orleans, LA, where I grew up producing, directing, and starring in shows with my two younger siblings in our backyard. (Favorite credits include Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar and Skimbleshanks in Cats.) 

A recent graduate of Northwestern University, I hold a B.A. in Theatre with a Business Institutions Minor and a Certificate in Music Theatre. At Northwestern, I was grateful to pursue all of my passions: performing, writing, producing, and befriending the dogs of Evanston. Also passionate about creating new work, I'm an award-winning playwright, and in my senior year, I served as a Co-Chair and book writer for The Waa-Mu Show, the largest student-written musical in the country.

When I'm not performing or writing, you can catch me lost in the stacks at Barnes and Noble, rewatching Gilmore Girls for the fourth time, or daydreaming about New Orleans food.